Thigh Lift

Candidates For A Thigh Lift  

A thigh lift is another great procedure that tightens and shapes excess fat or loose skin around the inner and outer thigh. It is often performed in conjunction with a buttock lift. Beautiful thighs are within the realm of possibility for almost anyone, regardless of age or body type.

We all want smooth thighs, without bags, excess fat and skin. A thigh lift is a way to restore your thighs to a more beautiful state. If you have experienced significant weight loss and have resulting loose skin and fat deposits around the inner or outer thigh, or if you have laxity due to aging or pregnancy, a thigh lift could be greatly beneficial in creating a new and more beautiful look.

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The Procedure

A thigh lift may include different procedures depending upon the extent of the deformity. Liposuction and direct excision may be used to treat the different problem areas. When direct excisions are used, the incisions are usually hidden within the creases of the thigh and groin area. Liposuction is performed with a series of small punctures which leave very little scarring. In some cases, incisions may be used along the inner thigh to excise extra skin resulting from weight loss.

The Recovery

A thigh lift is typically performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient setting. An overnight stay may be required if the thigh lift is combined with other procedures. You will be required to wear a compression garment post-operatively to help reduce the swelling and assist in shaping of the area. Light activity may be resumed the day after the surgery. Exercise and strenuous activity should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. Recovery depends on the extent of your procedure. Your doctor will discuss pain management with you during your consultation.

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