Labiaplasty by the numbers

At Panacea Plastic Surgery our goal is to help you become a better educated consumer.  We have compiled some useful statistics, studies, and surveys for you to review.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  For more information on labiaplasty check out our other blog here. How popular is labiaplasty?  According to ISAPS [...]

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Answers About Breast Augmentation

One of the most common procedures performed in typical cosmetic surgery practices is a breast augmentation. Yet no matter how common the procedures may be inside the practices, there are many questions and concerns shared by the patients who are considering them. Although each case is unique and has individual factors affecting the answers, [...]

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Dr. Singh Named One of Atlanta’s Influential Women

In the most recent edition of the Atlantan, there was a special feature written about the most influential women in Atlanta. Panacea’s own Dr. Kimberly Singh was one of the women profiled and honored in this feature piece, alongside other doctors, designers, and successful business owners. Dr. Singh, along with Dr. Abboushi, work very [...]

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Atlanta Labiaplasty

In an ongoing effort to help inform patients of procedures and cosmetic surgery options, this blog post will focus on labiaplasty. The following information is offered based on common questions surrounding the procedure and its short and longer term effects. If you have some confidential questions regarding a labiaplasty or any cosmetic or plastic [...]

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